Minecraft’s Buzzy Bees


Minecraft’s Buzzy Bees

Are you looking for Minecraft bees to help you? There may have been some buzzing in your blocky world lately. This is due to the addition these hardy little creatures. If you know where to find them, honey bees and the honey that they produce are yours to enjoy.

This guide covers the different nest locations for Minecraft bees. I also outline how to breed your colony. Let's get some baby buzzers in the world by picking up your favorite flowers.

How to find bees on Minecraft

Nests of Minecraft bees can be found in oak or birch trees in the Plains and Sunflower Plains, Forest, Forest, and Flower Forest biomes. The more trees you have, the more likely you will find a nest. Flower Forests are a great place to start.

Bee nests are blocks that have been naturally generated. Beehives serve a similar purpose, but they are made. Each can hold three bees at a time. You can only see the bees leaving their nest one at time to collect pollen. If you spot a bee buzzing, follow it home until you find its hive.

How to breed bees on Minecraft

The attraction of a flower attracted the attention and encouraged bees to follow you. Any flower can be used for breeding, even Wither Roses. However, they can damage bees when they attempt to pollinate them. You can give them the flowers by equipping them and right-clicking on nearby bees to give them. They will display love hearts above the heads and pair up to breed, giving you a new baby bee.

There is a five minute cooling off period for breeding. You might want to farm more honey or flowers while you wait. Creating enough Beehives to accommodate all your brood will be a challenge as you grow your brood will increase.

The average time it takes for a new bee to mature is one day (20 minutes). You can speed up this process by giving baby bees flowers just like you did with your parents. Each flower they eat speeds up their growth by 10%. This is why therapeutic flower picking is so important.

What does Minecraft's bees eat?

You'll be curious about the kind of food they eat as you watch your friendly neighborhood insects work tirelessly. Honey blocks are a common food source for bees, especially if they are near a nest or hive. These blocks are great for parkour.