Building Ideas for 1.17


Building Ideas for 1.17

Minecraft Volcano build

There is no better way to impress your Minecraft server than to find an obscure island in the middle if nowhere and transform it into a scene-stealing volcano dripping magma. You can find the right mountain and most of the landscaping work is done for you. But if you're looking to build one from scratch, it's possible! This is how YouTuber “Shannooty,” created the volcano build above.

Minecraft Castle construction

This magnificent gothic castle built by YouTuber Geet Builds is a great example of an architect who wants to think big about their next building project. A large, bold, rustic castle is a dream for builders. There are endless design possibilities in the battlements and windows.

Minecraft Modern Skyscraper construction

It's always a challenge to create a modern-looking Minecraft build. This forces you to think about what blocks you should use. If you are looking for the ultimate challenge, create a realistic modern skyscraper, such as those created by YouTuber “Alpine”. Make sure you have permission to build from the nearby residents!

Minecraft Floating Base

Although floating bases aren't a new concept in Minecraft they have stood the test of times because they are so versatile. You can create a cute floating island with a cottage, like YouTuber “Rake”, or you can jump into Creative Mode and use mods such as WorldEdit to create massive floating mountain bases. (More on mountain bases below). ).

Minecraft Bridge construction

Ah, the bridge. It's practical and beautiful, but also offers the opportunity to create something truly unique. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you wish, just like the other builds on this list. A bridge is a great mini-project if you don't want too much to do with a large building project. The bridge above, created by YouTuber Zaypixel, can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Minecraft Ship build

A magnificent ship on the horizon is something that Minecraft can't get enough of. The ship above was created by YouTuber “IrieGenie” and exudes strong Pirates of the Caribbean vibes. They didn't even resort a black sail! You could, however, with your ship. It would look amazing with the realistic water that you can get by installing one the best Minecraft shaders.

Minecraft Lighthouse build

A tall lighthouse is a great option for nautical-themed builds. A lighthouse's real purpose is to serve as a landmark. This gives you the opportunity to create your own style. You can do whatever you want, as long as the light shines brightly at the top. For inspiration, you can check out the video of YouTuber Meddi on how to build the lighthouse.

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Minecraft Cathedral built

Depending on who you ask a cathedral can be more grand and luxurious than a medieval castle. A cathedral is a block of architectural splendour that offers many possibilities for unique designs, patterns, or block choices. The cathedral above was created by YouTuber “Lanwan Builds”. It's a recreation from Winchester Cathedral. I've been in it many times and have been inside it once or twice. It's a stunning building and it will be worth all the sweat, tears and Diamonds that you put into it.

Minecraft Museum build

How better to display everything you have collected during your Minecraft journey than to put it in a museum? The most grand museums, much like cathedrals and castles, are tourist attractions in real life. They're sure to draw attention on your Minecraft server. The interior of the museum can be viewed by YouTuber MegRae, who is its architect.

Minecraft Statue Build

Minecraft's default blocks are so versatile that you don't even need to use any Minecraft texture packs to make a truly amazing statue. Statues are great to build in Minecraft. You can make any type of statue, and it can be as realistic as you like. For inspiration, check out the video of “thebigbaron” building a dragon statue. You could make a similar statue from Netherite to give it more sleekness.

Minecraft Aquarium build

Today, there's more to Minecraft than ever before. There are kelp, sponge, fish, and blocks in wild and wonderful colors. All that you need to make an aquarium is the glass and some fish blocks. You can do more if you want to create a beautiful aquarium like the one shown above, which was built by YouTuber “Blorg The Saint”.

Minecraft Pyramid build

A Pyramid is a great template for a stunning Minecraft build. Because of its shape, it is easy to add complexity to the pyramid by repeating and introducing patterns around it. This allows you to go from a simple desert pyramid to a massive behemoth like this one by YouTuber FallenQbuilds. You can make your life easier by using certain Minecraft commands or WorldEdit, but you don't have to stop yourself from building a huge pyramid in your survival universe!

Minecraft Famous Landmark Build

It's always best for Minecraft builders to draw inspiration from real-life architecture. These landmarks are often the most impressive creations. YouTuber Vexel Design recreated the Taj Mahal. Or Stonehenge, the Statue of Liberty, or the Eiffel Tower. If you feel like some landscaping, why not the Grand Canyon? You could even recreate the Library of Alexandria (although it would require a lot of books).

Minecraft Mountain Base construction

You might be looking for something new to build in Minecraft. Why not create a new base? A base from which to explore new lands. It's a great place to create one, as you can look for new lands from the top of a mountain. There are many ways you can make a mountain side or cliff look great. This is just one example of the many ideas that YouTuber “Tentango” has shown in his video.

Minecraft Underground Base build

We've all built an underground base in Minecraft. It's easy to set up a subterranean base and keep away from the surface-dwelling mobs the first night. You don't have to keep it a camp. You don't have to make it a camp. Why not make it an underground base with everything you need to survive, as YouTuber “Spudetti,” did above.

Minecraft Underwater Base build

As I mentioned, underwater life is more exciting in Minecraft than ever, which makes the idea for an underwater base even more appealing. There is nothing stopping you from building an underwater base. Just make sure to bring ladders so you can stop and take a deep breath every now and again. YouTuber Zaypixel also created the bridge. This build combines mountain and underwater base ideas by building into an underwater mountain.

Minecraft Farm built

A farm is a beautiful sight in any game, Minecraft included. Rows upon rows of neatly arranged crops is so satisfying. If you are looking for a more practical build, why not start building a new farm that can hold all your carrots, potatoes, wheat, and other crops? There are many tutorials for creating Minecraft farms that are compact, such as the one by YouTuber “disruptive build”.

Minecraft Clock Tower construction

Look at that clock tower. It's a beautiful tower. YouTuber “IrieGenie”, who made it, has a detailed explanation of why a clock tower is a great thing to build in Minecraft. You can create a clock tower by connecting a skyscraper and a cathedral. Do you want to go Steampunk and fill the tower up with pistons and gears? Go ahead! Or would you prefer a dark Gothic clock tower that would look right at home in a Tim Burton movie? Who is stopping you?

Minecraft Pixel Art

This one, I don't know what to think, looks very sus… Practicality is the key issue. A piece of 2D Pixel Art is the most practical. There's nothing like logging onto your survival servers to see that a friend has “griefed” you with a huge pixel art creation outside of your house. YouTuber RocketZer0 created the above art and has multiple videos to inspire you.

Minecraft Nether Hub construction

A Nether Hub is a beautiful building that combines the grand and the practical in a way few other builds can match. It's the fastest way to travel in Minecraft. However, it can also be very dangerous. While a Nether Hub should allow you to travel safely in the Nether for long periods, it shouldn't look bad, as the hub created by YouTuber Kemit.

Minecraft Storage Room

A storage room is one of the most practical and useful designs you can make. It's all about practicality. You need to organize your stuff so you know where to find it. You have many tools in Minecraft, such as signs and item frames, to help you build a storage room. If you are putting so much effort into it, you might as well make it look nice! Take a look at the storage room built by YouTuber “TheMythicalSausage”, and you'll be inspired.

Minecraft Fantasy Town built

A full-size fantasy town or village is an amazing building project for Creative Mode players (or teams of players). The “Varuna”, a design team, created the above build. It doesn't get any more stunning as a build, does it?

Minecraft Nature Reserve built

I love parks and nature reserves. Both are great places to build in Minecraft. If you don't like the look of large blocks and want something more landscape-oriented, a nature reserve can be a great option. You can create a beautiful area of land and then add horses, foxes, and any other animals you wish. For inspiration, take a look at this video from YouTuber Keralis.

Minecraft PvP Map Builder

It can be very rewarding for level designers and game developers to create a PvP or arena map in Minecraft that is specifically designed to allow players to fight within. It's not enough to consider how the entire thing will look. You also need to consider how much cover you have, what kind of traps you might find, and how difficult it will be to jump out of. You can make it any size and shape you like. The build above was created by YouTuber Gamarudo. He chose to use the traditional gladiator arena approach, but you can also make a PvP map from just about any material you like.